The Glory of God Part 4- Why Does God Emit Light?

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Why Does God Emit Light?

This post will explain scientifically why God emits light so make sure you read to the end!

Now that we understand what atoms are and what they are made of, we can begin a fascinating exploration of the light of God. If God is light then it would benefit us to understand light. But how can we understand something that travels at 186,000 miles per second? Physicists have been able to make light slow down but we can’t hold it and look at it to see what it is. As a matter of fact, photons are invisible while they are in motion and can only be seen when they hit an object.[1]

To add to the mystery, consider the fact that when light travels, it travels as a wave but reaches its destination as a particle.[2]

Quantum mechanics reveals that the electromagnetic force, which propagates through space as an electromagnetic wave, is quantized (hence the word quantum) in little packets of energy called photons. So, when you consider the light coming from the hundred-watt bulb in your ceiling or lamp you can imagine the bulb emitting a hundred billion billion photons each second![3]

Invisible Light

Let’s consider one more important aspect of light before we move on. Not all light is visible. In fact, most light is invisible. Only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye. When you watch the bag of popcorn in your microwave oven slowly expand from the popping kernels, what you don’t see are the countless photons of microwaves moving all around hitting those kernels and causing the atoms in them to move faster. Likewise, you can’t see the radio waves that are traveling throughout the atmosphere all around us and through us, but you can still use your radio. Thus, when we talk about light, we are talking about more than just light we can see.

Before Adam sinned, I believe he was able to see all light frequencies. It was when he sinned against God that God put a filter in the lens of his eyes to block certain frequencies of light. The reason is two-fold. First, it was to protect Adam’s eyes from harmful frequencies of light because Adam’s body was now cursed and in a state of decay because of his disobedience. Exposure to the elements could now kill him. His spirit died so his flesh was no longer energized by the Spirit of God that was breathed into him at his formation (Gen. 2:7). Because his body at the molecular level was no longer receiving the light of God’s glory, it became too frail to exist under certain conditions.

The second reason God blocked Adam from seeing all light frequencies was to prevent him from seeing spirit beings. God, in His infinite wisdom, decided that humans would no longer have access to the spiritual realm. Humans would no longer see God, angels, or demons, and this was because God wanted man to seek Him. God wants the human race to find Him and be motivated by a sincere desire to know Him. God left all kinds of clues throughout the universe pointing to His existence and He did this so man would make an attempt to find Him. The psalmist wrote: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world (Ps. 19:1-4).

If we could see all light frequencies we would be able to see God, angels, and demons. The light that spirit beings emit is invisible to the human eye. Perhaps if we could invent a special type of lens we could see glory rays. The military has used infrared goggles for years that allow soldiers to see in the infrared (heat) part of the spectrum, which is a frequency of light the human eye can’t see.

Perhaps in the future, “glory goggles” will be invented that will allow humans to see spirit matter and energy.

How does light manifest?

When an atom gets hotter from absorbing energy it begins to move faster. Consequently, some of the electrons in the atom can move to higher energy states. If a photon of light hits an atom, if it has the right amount of energy, it could move the electrons to an outer orbit farther away from the nucleus. Almost immediately the electrons fall back into their original orbit because they want to give off that energy. The energy released is a photon of light.

Think of the atom being too hot and wanting to “cool down” so it has to give off energy to cool down. Interestingly, when the electron “falls” to its ground state it doesn’t move through the space between the orbits. It disappears and then reappears at another location[4] as if the electron is teleported.

When an existing photon hits an electron the photon is destroyed and its energy is transferred to the electron. The photon that is emitted from the electron’s movement to its ground state is a totally new photon.

Where did the photon come from? Do electrons carry a vast internal reservoir of photons that can be retrieved as needed? Amazingly, the answer is no. The photon just pops into existence! The thought of photons of light just popping into existence may seem almost miraculous. That’s because it is miraculous. Light is of a supernatural origin[5] and has properties we don’t fully understand.

Now that we understand how atoms and light are connected we can answer the question: Why does God emit light?

light of God

Earlier in this series I mentioned the prophet Ezekiel’s encounter with God’s glory and how he described God appearing like lightning.

So, what is lightning? Lightning is a very bright, hot (hotter than the surface of the sun) flow of electrons creating electricity. During a storm, the upper regions of the clouds become positively charged from an accumulation of protons and the lower regions become negatively charged with the accumulation of electrons. Sometimes the electrons can accumulate so much in the lower regions of the clouds that the negative charge they create extends all the way to the ground and pushes the electrons in the ground further into the Earth (like charges repel). This leaves the positively charged protons exposed at the ground’s surface ready to attract the negatively charged electrons in the clouds. A path is created from the clouds to the ground allowing free flowing electrons to move creating a current. When the electrons shoot down to the ground, or from the ground up to the clouds, it makes the atoms in the air around the electrons’ path very hot so they emit light.

Similarly, when God enters a region of space all of the atoms that occupy that space become energized by the “lightning” of God’s glory. His glory bombards the electrons in these atoms and they begin to bounce around in their different orbits and this is what creates the light all of the biblical writers wrote about.


Every star in the universe, including our Sun, manufactures light in their extremely hot cores. In some sense, stars are glory factories. In the center of a star the density is so great and the temperature is so high that particles with the same charge can actually touch. If you’ve ever tried to push two North ends of a magnet together you know that it is impossible to make them touch no matter how strong you are. There is no force strong enough to push like charges together except in the core of a star.

Because the interior of a star is so hot, the atoms are moving fast enough to overcome their electrostatic repulsion, and when this repulsion is overcome, a large amount of energy is produced.

The process by which stars create light is quite remarkable. Hydrogen gas is the main element in the cores of stars and the atomic nuclei of these hydrogen atoms fuse together to form a heavier element called helium. The helium, however, has less mass than the four hydrogen atoms that formed it. To understand this, imagine that each hydrogen atom weighs one pound. One would think that the fusion of four of these atoms would create an element that weighs four pounds, but the result shows the helium only weighs three pounds? Where did the extra pound go? It was converted into energy, just as Einstein’s famous equation E=mcshows.

Einstein discovered that mass and energy are two forms of the same thing. The mass of atoms, through the process of fusion in stars, is converted into light energy. The video at the bottom of this article goes into more detail about this process, so check out it out if you want to look into this further.

If the process by which stars create light seems supernatural, it is. Just because we know how stars convert mass into energy does not diminish the fact that it truly is a miraculous phenomenon. How does a proton know how to convert itself into a positron, which is a completely different particle? How do colliding electrons and positrons conjure up a completely different entity called a photon? It’s as if matter can manifest different properties depending on what kind of reality the Matrix needs to present. And this indicates a level of intelligence at even the smallest of scales.

Also think about where the photons comes from when these atoms fuse together. Light is not matter yet matter releases light. As stated above, the photon just pops into existence as if there is a Master Programmer writing the code that creates the quantum “pixel” of reality that becomes the photon. All particles of matter are spirit wrapped in matter. In other words, matter has spirit in its very core. Everything from the tiny vibrating strings that form the properties of subatomic particles, to human beings, spirit light is the source of energy that allows reality to manifest in this physical universe. I propose the hypothesis that spirit is an “ingredient” of light that animates all of reality. The spirit energy in the glory of God provides the information to make quantum realities manifest. The light contains information from the source of all light – God. Matter, in turn, is like a computer and processes the information contained in the light.

Light Carries Information

How does light transmit information? It seems that information travels through particles of matter. It’s as if each atom acts as a computer that processes information contained in the photons of light. It absorbs the photon, “downloads” the information in the light, and then sends that information on to the next atom in another photon. It is the fastest communication system in the universe. Matter can act as a conductor of information like wires conduct electricity. The universe is actually one huge network where information can travel through the substance of space. And as we shall see, the universe is all connected at the quantum level, so information can travel at the speed of thought, which is faster than the speed of light.

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