Rapture Course


Seven individual lessons with an audio portion and printable handouts for small groups. The most comprehensive teaching you will find anywhere on the topic of the rapture! I walk you step-by-step through the different doctrinal beliefs and then move you through hundreds of scriptures to show the most complete picture of the rapture possible. Nowhere in scripture is a pretribulation rapture taught!

This course will present a defense of the posttribulation rapture of the Church. Here are some of the topics and concepts to be examined.

  • How to interpret biblical prophecy (near/distant dimensions)

  • Greek words used to describe Christ’s Return

  • The Day of the Lord

  • The Tribulation

  • Daniel’s 70-Weeks Prophecy

  • What Jesus taught in the Olivet Discourse

  • What Paul taught

  • The Resurrection of the dead on the last day

  • What Peter and other New Testament writers taught

  • What John taught in the book of Revelation

  • Glorification

  • Seven audio lessons.

  • Printable Handouts for personal notes, congregational use, or small discipleship groups.

  • A one-on-one session with instructor.