Quantum Faith

Quantum Faith

If you read part 5 of my glory of God series, then you understand the power of God’s spoken word. You may find it strange that the power of the spoken word would be discussed in a chapter about faith, but as you will soon see from reading this chapter, faith and speaking work together like oxygen and fire. Speaking activates faith just like oxygen provides fuel for fire.

Faith is a spiritual force unique to the human creature. No animal on the planet has the capacity to use faith. Humans were created like our Father in Heaven to be creative beings with imagination. Our imagination is a “factory” that creates the substance of what we desire or need. Studies prove that what the human creature consistently thinks about with a strong burning desire tends to manifest.[1]

Faith is belief in God for something not yet in existence in the physical universe. If we ever hope to possess the blessings of God or answers to our prayers, we must first realize that God will construct it out of the substance of the universe so we can experience it. Physical blessings take on the substance of the universe. God has countless blessings stored up for us in Heaven, but the trick is getting what’s in the spiritual realm to manifest in the physical realm.

There is only one physical force in the universe that scientists believe can seep out of our membrane universe and that is gravity. Not even the electromagnetic force, which is light, can escape this matrix. According to string theory, only closed loop strings can escape the universe. Gravitons, it is believed, are closed strings so they have no ends that are bound to a “sticky” membrane. Likewise, there are spiritual “forces” that can reach beyond the bounds of our universe into the spiritual realm. Prayer and Faith are the only two spiritual forces God has given to man to give him the ability to tap into the spiritual realm. If we need something from Heaven to manifest in this physical realm, only faith and prayer can accomplish it.

Lest I be accused of advocating a “faith formula,” I must say that”faith is faith in God, not faith in faith.”[2] Faith is a spiritual force that can’t be studied under a microscope and studied in a lab. Faith can’t be reduced to a formula or something that acts upon the divine “force” of the universe. We must remember that we are talking about using a spiritual gift from our Creator that He lovingly gave us so we could have fellowship with Him. God wants to bless His children and He wants to provide for His children. He delights in our acts of faith and wants as any father would to act on our faith.

How Faith Works

How does our faith bring into manifestation that which we believe? First, it can’t be over-emphasized in our increasingly pantheistic and panentheistic culture that our faith moves the heart of God, who is a person. We don’t have to vibrate at the right frequency to tap into the divine energy of the universe as New Agers like to talk about. And since we are interacting with a person rather than an impersonal force, if He chooses to act upon our faith, He will download a program into the universe that operates much like a computer. The quantum realm acts as a computer that processes information in light, as we stated numerous times up to this point. Information is needed to piece subatomic particles together to form the substance of whatever it is we believe God for. The information is transferred from the mind of God to the quantum bits of matter that form the pixels of space. The glory of God, which forms the substance of space, is the network through which God transmits information in light (more on this concept later).

Second, words of faith have to be spoken out loud to release the information necessary to make the quantum bits of matter function. Thinking about something is not enough. Words have to be involved for something to manifest. For example, think about how Jesus fought back against the devil when He was tempted. Jesus spoke God’s Word out loud to resist the devil. Jesus didn’t just think it or pray it. He confronted Satan with words of faith.

There is a difference between speaking empty words and speaking words that are filled with faith. If we want to speak words of faith, our words have to have spiritual energy in them. Jesus said in John 6:63: “And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” During His earthly ministry, Jesus exercised incredible faith, and because of His union with the Father and His anointing of the Spirit, His spoken words contained an abundance of spirit life. There was spiritual energy in the sound of His words and this sound communicated information to the matrix, as we discussed in the previous article.

It is easy to see that sound carries energy and information. This is why we have to speak words of faith out loud if we want to affect the quantum realm. There is no power in the “name it, claim it”[3] formula. Just because you say something out loud does not mean it will come to pass. Even speaking God’s Word out loud with no faith has limited power. Faith has to be mixed with our words because faith is the spiritual energy that works at the quantum level to bring into manifestation what we believe. Empty words that have wrong information have a negative affect on the quantum realm, so if you look at your life and see things you wish weren’t there, try controlling your mouth and speak God’s Word.

Biblical Meditation

The only way to get faith energy into our words is to meditate God’s written Word while spending considerable amounts of time alone fellowshipping with God. Faith can only come from confidence in God, and confidence in God to move on your behalf will increase as you spend more time alone with Him in prayer. You can’t trick yourself into believing and just go around confessing Bible verses. Something has to ignite the faith in your spirit and that something is the Holy Spirit. The fuel the Holy Spirit needs to ignite our faith is the Word of God. God’s Word is filled with His faith.

The Hebrew word for “meditate” is hagah, and it means to murmur (in pleasure or anger); to ponder, imagine, meditate, mourn, mutter, speak, study, talk, utter.[4] I don’t think it’s a coincidence that biblical meditation involves speaking out loud, especially considering all of the information presented thus far about string theory, the power of God’s spoken word, and the power of spoken faith. Something must happen at the quantum level of reality when we meditate God’s Word out loud. The spiritual life of God’s Word is transferred from the written page to our human spirit by meditating on it. When we meditate, we think out loud about something God said in His Word. We turn it over and over in our minds. We “chew” on the Word like a cow chewing cud. As the scripture rolls around in our mind, we should speak out loud the truths we are learning. In a way, this is programming our mind and spirit with the Word of God, and since the Word is right information, that information can interact with the quantum universe to bring things into manifestation.

Faith is Measureable

Jesus spoke of faith as if it can be measured. He spoke of those with “no faith” (Mar. 4:40), “little faith” (Mat. 6:30), “great faith” (Mat. 15:28 Lk. 7:9), and Stephen, a man in the book of Acts, is described as “full of faith” (Acts 6:5). Furthermore, Jesus said, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you” (Luke 17:6). The mustard seed is a tiny seed that Jesus’ listeners would have been familiar with. Jesus was trying to make a point that it doesn’t take a huge amount of faith to make things happen in our lives. Perhaps if Jesus were alive today He would say, “If you had faith the size of an electron, you could say…”[5] In other words, if you can believe for just an electron of the thing you desire, it can come to pass. If you can see yourself in possession of just one atom of your miracle, you can have it. The point Jesus was trying to make was that it doesn’t take a great deal of faith to move mountains.

If faith can be great, little, as small as a mustard seed, and so on, the question is, how do we get our faith to grow? The disciples inquired the same thing in Luke 17:5 when they asked Jesus to “increase their faith.” The answer is spend time alone with God. Meditate the Word of God. Fill your heart and mind to overflowing with the supernatural power of the Word of God and this will increase your faith and activate it.

Faith is the Substance of Things (Hebrews 11:1)

Everything in the universe is made out of the same ingredients at the subatomic level. Whether it’s a human, money, a home, or even a planet, they are all made of the same “stuff” at the quantum level. Things only begin to show differences at the atomic level where the number of protons in the nucleus determines the element. Although humans have created new atoms, such as uranium, they are all radioactive and very unstable. To create atoms that are of any practical use, such as gold, hydrogen, oxygen, and so forth, it would require very dangerous levels of energy like what is found in the core of a star where heavier elements are made. Humans can’t just create atoms to make whatever they need and want. If we could, gold, silver, and diamonds would have no value. We can only work with what we already have. Humans can only manipulate atoms and molecules to form different compounds, but collecting strings to build quarks, and then taking quarks to build protons is not a possibility at this time.

The only power we have as humans to create matter is faith. Through the power of concentration and imagination, the human creature can actually cause that which he meditates upon to manifest in the physical realm. The writer of Hebrews stated: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1).

Our faith can actually form the substance of what we believe God for. String by string, quark by quark, and atom by atom, our faith can move the hand of God to download a program into the matrix that tells the universe what to make. As stated above, Jesus today might have told us that if we had faith the size of a quark, or an electron, or any elementary particle, we could have what we believe. If you can create by faith just an atom’s worth of what you need from God, Jesus told us we could have it. Our every need is contained in the glory field that forms the substance of our reality. God created this universe to respond to our beliefs as quantum physicists are increasingly becoming aware of. Whether we believe God for a new job, a new car, a new child, healing in the body, or anything else we can imagine, all of these things have to be constructed from the substance of the universe. Our imagination is the factory that forms this substance and our faith is what moves the hand of God to make it happen.

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     [1] One of the best authors who wrote on this subject is Napoleon Hill. Books like Think and Grow Rich and Master Key to Riches stress the power of concentration and imagination. According to Hill’s theory, any idea held in the mind and backed up with powerful emotions tends to manifest.

     [2] Quantum Glory

     [3] Many Charismatic/Pentecostal groups believe and teach “positive confession,” which is speaking out loud the things desired, whether it be healing, wealth, or any blessing of God. Christians in these groups are very careful about the words they speak and refuse to speak anything “negative.” They believe there is much power in the spoken word. I am not advocating this teaching in this series. Although I think there is some truth to the ideas this group teaches, I want to present a scientific explanation that fits the biblical narrative.

     [4] Online Strong’s Concordance, http://www.eliyah.com/cgi-bin/strongs.cgi?file=hebrewlexicon&isindex=meditate

     [5] Annette Capps wrote an excellent booklet titled Quantum Faith, which is where I was first introduced to this concept.