The Cure for Atheism

Theologians throughout the centuries have presented very good philosophical and scientific arguments for God’s existence. Some of these arguments are stronger than others and critics have their share of comebacks to refute these arguments. There is, however, one idea that even the most staunch atheist can’t wiggle himself out of. There is a secret weapon you have in your arsenal that will blow them out of the water and leave them either believing in God, or at the very least, doubting their atheism. That secret weapon is DNA, and more specifically, the origin of the information in the DNA.

A Time Before Time

If you ask an atheist where we came from they have to admit that they believe in the absurdity that nothing created everything. It was Stephen Hawking who said the universe arose from a quantum vacuum as if that explains it and we can all now go home. A quantum vacuum is not nothing. The quantum vacuum is something, and that something is information. Information comes from intelligence. It’s the source of this information that is key to understanding God, who is Infinite Intelligence.

The Big Bang is all the naturalist has to explain where we came from, but he can’t explain where the Big Bang came from, even if he tries to invoke the multiverse theory. The key to winning the argument about God’s existence with an atheist is to take them to a time before time when there was nothing but information or mind. This even precedes the quantum vacuum and, if you hold out for the possibility that we are in a multiverse, it even precedes the higher-dimensional plane that all universes exist in.  I’m talking about a time when there really was nothing! A time before all matter and energy and even time itself can only be a reality of information, because information precedes time, matter and energy. Information precedes the Big Bang. It precedes everything, so to win the argument you have to take the atheist to the source of information and ask them where the information came from that told the “stuff” to go bang, when to go bang, where to go bang, and how to go bang. Whether the atheist has thought about it or not, nothing can go “bang” without information guiding it. Information is what determines the when, where, what, and how of anything, so if we can show the atheist the source of this information is a mind, we may be able to get them to see that this mind is God.

The creationist believes that the same source of information that brought about the Big Bang is also the source of the genetic information in all living organisms. Life, to the creationist, is even more complex than matter and energy because life seems to have sprung up from matter and energy. How did life emerge from non-living atoms and molecules?  How did in-animate matter organize itself and then contemplate itself? Did chance and time really give rise to complex biological machines that are far superior to anything humans have been able to make?

The atheist seems to be satisfied with only asking how you get new forms of life from pre-existing forms of life, or how more complex life forms evolve from simpler life forms. They seem to never want to explain where life came from to begin with. They are so sure that everything evolved from simpler forms of life, but they admittedly have no clue where these simpler forms of life came from. As scientists who should be open to all possible explanations, they take the unscientific approach and immediately throw God out of the equation. They don’t know where life came from but they know one thing for sure, no intelligence brought it about and they won’t even consider the possibility. They just say it happened by chance. Well, what is the chance that life could spring up by accident with no intelligence guiding it? To answer that question, we need to understand the complexity of proteins, because you have to believe that time and chance alone formed these complex chains of molecules with no intelligence guiding it. As we shall see, this is highly unlikely.


What is the likelihood that a single protein could form by chance. Can countless, blind chemical interactions really form a complex chain of molecules? We first need to know the ingredients needed to form a protein. First, you need some way to make atoms “stick” together to form molecules. This “sticking” we call chemical bonds, and it takes place when atoms share electrons. God created atoms in such a way that they can be used to build things in the universe. But if you believe there is no God, then you believe the atoms wrote their own laws to govern the laws of bonding. They needed to know HOW to bond, so did all the atoms in the universe hold a conference one day and write the Law of Chemical Bonding? Where did the information come from that tells the atoms and molecules how to bond? What forces are creating the bonds and what information is guiding these forces? That is where you find God in all of this.

To see how a protein could never just assemble itself over time, you need to understand amino acids. Amino acids are a bunch of atoms all connected in just the right way by this mysterious force we call “charges.” We all know positive and negative charges attract and like charges repel, but what we don’t understand is why and who said it would be that way.

In the picture of this amino acid, each letter represents an atom. Just imagine one day millions of years ago, all of these atoms just arranged themselves in the right order to form a molecule and there was no intelligence guiding it. How did the two hydrogen atoms know to bond with the nitrogen atom, and then how did that molecule know how to bond to a carbon atom with a bonded hydrogen atom and so on? It’s as if these molecules were built by a designer.  Some kind of intelligence must have constructed these molecules.

Once you have the amino acids, and there are many different kinds, you then need to link them up in just the right sequence so the proteins will take on the right shape. Some complex proteins in animals require 400 amino acids! That’s not just 400 atoms! Remember, one amino acid is a collection of different atoms all bonded in just the right way, so we are talking thousands of atoms all connected perfectly. Most people can’t even imagine how computers are put together and how all the parts work in perfect harmony, but some actually believe something far more complex like a protein could assemble itself with no information guiding it.

When you look at the above picture of a protein and imagine zooming in, you see that each circle represents a collection of atoms. To get all of these atoms to bond in the right way with no intelligence guiding it would be impossible, even if you had all of eternity to get it done.

Proteins are like tools in a toolbox. They are designed with a specific purpose, mission and function to perform in a cell. The protein’s shape determines what this purpose and mission is. If the amino acids don’t all connect in the right way, the protein will not be able to flex and bend to form the perfect shape it was designed for. How do the cells know how to arrange the amino acids in just the right way so they will take on the correct shape? How many times did the cells have to try to assemble the amino acids in just the right way until the perfect combination was finally put together? And how did the cells even have the ability to do this without proteins, the very thing they are trying to assemble? So you see, the perfect combination of atoms had to be assembled the first time and everything in the cell had to be working properly from the start, or you have no cell division. The cell can’t work until all of its parts are in place, so we can’t come up with a wild theory that cells constructed themselves over eons of time through trial and error. If there had only been partly-built cells with missing parts, those cells could never perform any function, and that includes replication, which would be necessary for genetic information to be passed on into the offspring. But you can’t have offspring without a fully-functioning cell able to replicate, so the first cell had to be perfect, and that means the cell had to have perfectly-built proteins at their creation. Cells could not be the result of evolution.

The chance that all of these things would fall into place on their own with no outside source of intelligence is one chance in one hundred thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion!! That’s 10 with 125 zeros after it! And this is for only ONE protein! The simplest cell would need 300 to 500 of these proteins. Blind chance could produce this? No.

There is another important point that must be addressed. If life came about by chance billions of years ago, how could all these amino acids link up in the perfect order if the earth was constantly bombarded with cosmic debris? Astronomers believe the temperature of the young earth’s surface was too hot for a cell to exist, even if by some miracle all the ingredients came together in just the right way. And you really only have about 100 million years for this “miracle” to occur because this in the amount of time between the Earth cooling enough for proteins to form and the first microfossils scientists have found. So, the argument that if you have enough time you will eventually get the right ingredients to form a protein is absurd.


DNA is the most efficient processing system in the universe. It is also the most complicated molecule in the universe. The DNA in a cell conducts all the traffic in the cell by giving the instructions for building proteins.

Cells are like computers in the sense that they need information to make some operation take place.

In order for a computer to perform some function, it needs code. A line of code is a specific command that tells the computer what function to carry out. This is also true of living organisms. In order for a living organism to perform some function a line of code is needed. The question here is: Where did this genetic code come from? It’s not just what does the information do or how is it stored? We want to know where the information originates from? Information precedes matter and energy.

DNA is the instruction book for life.  No one would conclude that a book could write itself, but some have no problem taking a huge leap of faith by believing the “book of life” found in DNA wrote itself. This, to me, presents some serious cognitive dissonance, but when you want desperately to pretend there is no Creator, you’ll make yourself believe just about anything.

One DNA molecule is called a chromosome, and since we are using a book analogy, think of each of these chromosomes as a single chapter in this book of life. This book of life that is in the nucleus of each of our cells is made up of 46 chapters, or 46 chromosomes, and each of these has between 48-250 million letters. That’s 3.2 billion letters in one human gene! That equals 75,490 pages of the New York Times!! Each of these 46 chromosomes contains millions of genes and these genes give instructions to your cells to tell them how to build your body and what operations to perform. Your genes tell your eyes what size, shape, and color to be. Your genes have the instructions to tell your skin cells, hair cells, and every single part of your body what to do! We truly are miraculous creations of Almighty God!

We have 40-50 trillion cells in our bodies and in each of these cells there are 100,000 protein machines. Each second, 100,000 chemical reactions take place in each of these 50 trillion cells, all at the direction of one photon of light! The DNA strand flexes and vibrates, and when it does, it sends out a photon and this photon carries the information from the genetic code to every part of the cell.

If you unwound one DNA molecule it would be about 6 feet long! 50 trillion cells times 46 chromosomes times 6 feet. If you unwound every chromosome from every cell in one human it would stretch from the earth to the moon 5 million round trips! If you take the wound-up DNA from all of these cells, it would only fill up 2 tablespoons.

Here is another interesting fact that boggles the mind. If we could take just one chromosome from every person on the planet, it would be about the size of an aspirin! So, we could have all of the information to make every person on the planet in something the size of a pill!

“The information needed to build the proteins for all the species of organisms that have ever lived, a number estimated to be one thousand million-could be held in a teaspoon and there would still be room left for the information in every book ever written.” Humans have never even come close to inventing something so small that could hold this much information, yet there are some foolish enough to believe that all of the information stored in these incredibly small molecules could happen with no intelligence behind it.

To give you an idea of just how genius God is, consider the rate at which cells divide from the point of conception. A fertilized egg has 46 chromosomes, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. Now you know these chromosomes are complex molecules all assembled in just the right way. Imagine a cell dividing and having to assemble the atoms again to make a duplicate. Every minute, from the point the sperm fertilizes the egg, 15,000 cells, with all of their perfectly-functioning proteins, are made. This goes on for 9 months and each of these cells is far more complicated than a space shuttle! Imagine working in a factory that made 15,000 space shuttles per minute!! Imagine having to provide the materials and supplies to make the shuttles and the manpower to do it! It would never happen, yet something more complex than manufacturing space shuttles takes place in the womb for 9 months! That’s how powerful our God is!


I do realize it is possible that I failed to convince some of God’s existence. I do, however, trust that at the very least, you can stop looking down your nose at theists and see how we could come to the conclusion that a Creator put all of this together. Surely you can see that it isn’t so crazy and stupid to believe in the possibility that some intelligent being infused matter with information to make it come alive. I just want you to consider the source of this information came from a mind, and this mind is God.